Remember: Failure to follow Teen Patti Gold rules, or Terms of Service, can get your account suspended, hacked or permanently banned! Please read the following list of PROHIBITED actions.

  • Use third party software, scripts, or bots, to access or play Teen Patti Gold in any way. (See below)
  • Attempt to get free chips by clicking links from unknown sources or people promising free chips - this will get your account phished or hacked.
  • Use profanity or language that discriminates or maliciously targets another individual in any way. This includes your profile picture.
  • Create more than one account to play Teen Patti Gold from or store chips - all accounts will be banned! (See below)
  • Lose on purpose as a means of transferring chips - we can easily track this and you will have your chips taken, and banned! (See below)
  • Sell Chips! Under NO circumstances is anyone permitted to sell chips.
  • Attempt to buy chips from ANYONE other than Teen Patti Gold.
  • Click on links that claim to give extra bonus.
  • Share your facebook password with anyone. Teen Patti Gold does not request for your Facebook password under any circumstance.

Losing hands on purpose at the table to send chips to a friend (or yourself on another account) is a violation of our Terms of Service and is aggressively enforced through account suspensions and/or banning.


You are allowed 1 account per social network. In addition, you cannot use multiple accounts to try to accumulate free chips (aka chip farming). This behavior is easily detectible and will result in all your accounts being suspended and/or banned.


Using scripts and manual processes to abusively accumulate free chips is not allowed and will result in your account(s) being suspended or banned.


Once chips have been granted, we do not offer refunds. If your chips have not been granted for whatever reason, please contact us and your chips will be granted immediately. In case we are unable to grant you chips, your refund will be processed from our end within 7 working days.